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MMBB Helps Retirees Supplement Medicare

Medicare is a mainstay of the American economy and a lifeline to millions of people who use it for healthcare. Many people assume Medicare will cover all their medical costs when they reach 65 years of age. But even with Medicare, many older adults and people with disabilities encounter gaps in healthcare coverage.

Medicare doesn’t pay the full cost of most services it covers,1 and supplemental insurance is required for prescription drugs, vision and services for hearing. Did you know that MMBB provides a benefit that helps retired MMBB members over 65 fill those gaps?  We offer members who qualify and wish to enroll, a Group Retiree Insurance Plan from The Hartford.

Before we discuss the plan, let’s take a closer look at what Medicare does and doesn’t cover. In simple terms, Medicare is like a four-part menu for healthcare in the United States.

  • Part A, known as "Hospital Care," covers the cost when you're admitted to a hospital, a nursing home or need hospice care. Think of it as the safety net for big health emergencies.
  • Part B, or "Doctor and Medical Services," pays for doctor visits, lab tests and outpatient care. It's like your go-to for everyday health needs. Parts A and B are also known as original Medicare.
  • Part C, often called "Medicare Advantage," is like a combo meal. It bundles A and B, sometimes adding extras like dental and vision. Private insurance companies offer it, so Medicare recipients interested in Medicare Advantage must elect it and pay a monthly premium for it. The downsides of Medicare Advantage are:
    • Increased complexity
    • Limits on the choice of providers and healthcare facilities nationwide
    • Cannot be used with any other supplemental plans
  • Part D is all about "Prescription Drugs." This part helps you cover the cost of your medications and is like your pharmacy card. Part D can be offered with Part C or with a plan supplementing Parts A and B.1

Looking for a possible solution to Medicare gaps? MMBB’s Group Retiree Insurance Plan from The Hartford is an alternative to Medicare Advantage and Part D. Note: The MMBB-Hartford plan can supplement original Medicare but does not replace it. The MMBB-Hartford plan is administered by UMR and offers some pluses over Medicare Advantage. Note the advantages of the MMBB-Hartford plan below:

  • Choose any provider that accepts Medicare
  • No Network: Access healthcare facilities nationwide
  • Access to Express Scripts Prescription Drug Plan with the broadest pharmacy network available

Also, The Hartford covers certain services that many private insurance plans do not, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care.1

Open enrollment for the MMBB-Hartford plan began in October and ends in mid-November. To learn more about this benefit, contact UMR at 866-868-0502.

  1. The Hartford website, Employee Benefits from the Hartford.


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Group Retiree Health Form Series includes GBD-2400, GBD-2500, or state equivalent.

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