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Financial Services
Financial Services Supporting Your Calling is Our Calling MonitorMMBB Supporting Your Calling is Our Calling

Learn How to Build a Benefit Plan for your Ministry

MMBB can’t wait to help you create a retirement benefits plan for the staff of your faith-based organization. We’re also here to guide you, every step of the way, in administering it. When those who live faithful lives feel financially confident, they can focus on what matters most – their ministry.

Partners in Faith, Partners in Finance

MMBB will work with you to build a solid financial strategy that meets the needs of your church or faith-based-organization.

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With So Many Options Available, Why Choose MMBB?

We bridge the gap between faith and finances by providing benefits packages specifically tailored to churches and faith-based organizations and the clergy and lay staff they serve. We’re people of faith too and understand the complex financial challenges that you face every day.

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We’re on This Journey
with You

MMBB has one purpose – that’s ensuring your financial wellness. Since several of our staff are ordained clergy, they are better prepared to help you chart your course to financial well being.

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Financial Resource Center

It’s never too late, or too early to start planning for your future. Our vast financial and church administration resources are at your fingertips.

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"Negotiating pastoral compensation is a process that every minister has to engage in during a search and call to a church. Such a process can be either easy or hard, depending on the way we look at it and how much we know about it. MMBB has helped me to understand the process."

Pastor Abner Cotto-Bonilla

Pastor Abner Cotto-Bonilla

“MMBB offers webinars, videos and articles that are very helpful. The one thing I’ve always appreciated is the availability of resources, like financial planners and even people who can help out with different tax laws. There has never been a time when I’ve called MMBB and thought, ‘Gosh, I never got the help that I needed.’ ”

Rev. Dr. Nathan Marsh

Rev. Dr. Nathan Marsh

“Over the course of three years in one of MMBB’s financial wellness initiatives for pastors, I worked closely with their financial planners. With discipline and their wise guidance, I was able to pay down $25,000 in debt, save $10,000, establish an emergency fund, and increase my credit score by 150 points. Thank you, MMBB!”

Rev. Dr. Christine A. Smith

Rev. Dr. Christine A. Smith
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