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Rules for Married Members

If you are married, plan provisions require your spouse to approve any beneficiary designation other than your spouse.  If you have not submitted a beneficiary election and are not survived by a spouse, your beneficiary designation is your estate.  Member and spouse signatures must be witnessed.

Your Beneficiary Designation

The following rules apply to beneficiary designations:

  • You may elect both primary and contingent beneficiaries.
    • Primary beneficiary(ies) receive the designated benefit upon your death. If a primary beneficiary predeceases you, the portion of the benefit to which that beneficiary would have been entitled will be divided, pro-rata, among the surviving primary beneficiaries. If there are no surviving primary beneficiaries at the time of your death, the benefit will be divided among the surviving contingent beneficiaries, according to your contingent beneficiary election on file. If you have no contingent beneficiaries on file or if there are no living contingent beneficiaries at the time of your death, the benefit will be paid in accordance with the plan provisions.
    • Contingent beneficiary(ies) the beneficiary(ies) who will received the designated benefit if there are no surviving primary beneficiaries.

The latest valid beneficiary designation on file with MMBB at the time of your death governs.

It is important to make sure that your beneficiary designation on file is in line with your current wishes. You can check your beneficiary designation by contacting a Senior Benefits Specialist.

Changing Your Beneficiary

You can change your beneficiary(ies) at any time. You can request a Designation of Beneficiary form by contacting a Senior Benefits Specialist. The form will be sent to your mailing address on file. Return your completed Designation of Beneficiary form to the address on the form.

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