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To determine if a loan or a withdrawal is the right course of action for you, consider the following factors below:

You don’t pay taxes if repayments stay on schedule Usually, you will have to pay taxes
You have to repay it, plus interest You cannot repay it
Your plan balance is temporarily reduced Your plan balance is permanently reduced
You can continue to participate in the plan Certain withdrawals cause a 6-month suspension of contributions

Before taking a withdrawal, MMBB recommends that members review their situation with a Senior Benefits Specialist.

Withdrawal Prior to Retirement

A request for a withdrawal from your Member Contribution Plan account prior to retirement must be made in writing. The minimum withdrawal is $1,000. In order to take a withdrawal from your Member Contribution Plan account while you are working you must be over 59 ½ or meet the hardship withdrawal criteria below.


Withdrawal Types:

Hardship Withdrawal -


  • Member is employed with ABC or affiliates
  • Disabled
  • Divorced Spouses who hold a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) account when the original member is still employed in the denomination and is under 59 ½ years old.

A. Minimum amount is $500 and must meet the following criteria:

  • Purchase of primary residence
  • Prevent eviction or foreclosure of primary residence
  • Complete 12 months of post-secondary education for you or your dependents
  • Medical expenses for you or your dependents
  • Funeral expenses for member’s parents, spouse, children, or designated beneficiary
  • Repair damages to member’s primary residence (that would qualify for a casualty deduction under Code Section 165)
Regular (non-hardship) Withdrawal

B. The minimum amount is $1,000.


  • No longer employed within ABCUSA or MMBB affiliates
  • Widow or non-spousal beneficiary member
  • Any portion of the MCP account that represents rollover contributions
  • Over 59 ½ 

(Note – Any portion of the account that contains After-tax contribution will be used first)

Requesting a Withdrawal

You can check the amount available by logging into and going to the Account Details section.

To request a withdrawal, you must speak with a Senior Benefits Specialist.

The completed paperwork must be returned to MMBB for approval. If approved, the form will be forwarded to Conduent for processing.

A check will be forwarded to the address of record within three to five business days following.

Deleting or Changing a Withdrawal Request

If you have requested a withdrawal and decide that you do not wish to complete the withdrawal, do not return the withdrawal package. Withdrawal packages automatically expire 90 days from the date of request.

To delete or change a withdrawal once you have mailed back the form, you must contact a Senior Benefits Specialist.

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