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MMBB Financial Services Recognizes Gardena Valley Baptist Church for its 10-Year Commitment to RMMO

For Immediate Release

Contact: Yvette Vanterpool
MMBB Financial Services

The Rev. Dr. Perry Hopper, David Cheng, Sanaye Nagami and
Rev. Steven Langely at Gardena Valley Baptist Church, Gardena, CA

“Dedicated to Celebrating the Love we have by Contributing”

New York, NY— MMBB Financial Services recognized Gardena Valley Baptist Church (GVBC), Gardena, CA, for its steadfast commitment to promoting the Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMMO). The Rev. Dr. Perry J. Hopper presented the Widow’s Mite Award noting that GVBC raised $89,793 over the past 10 years.

“The Widow’s Mite award goes to a congregation that reflects the spirit of thankfulness and generosity Jesus talks about in Luke 21.1-4,” explained Rev. Hopper. “Gardena Valley Baptist Church embodies this spirit. Your church’s consistent commitment to ministers and missionaries who selflessly dedicated themselves to Christ’s work is inspiring.”

“Gardena Valley is a historically Japanese multigenerational church,” explained Pastor Steven Langely. “We deeply value the bonds and ministry of all of our past and present clergy and congregation members. Gardena Valley is a place where one remains part of our family, even well past parting.”

GVBC accepts the offering every February and adopts a Valentine’s Day theme of “We Love You…” To promote the RMMO, Pastor Langely sends out a letter and offering envelope. He writes, “So if the Lord lays it on your heart to give—then give as the Lord leads you. We cannot designate to just those who retired from GVBC. It all goes for the common good.”

Though Pastor Langely encourages his congregation to contribute to this worthy cause, the members of his generous congregation need little convincing, as the offering is personal to each member.

“Gardena Valley’s congregation has always been supportive, especially when it comes to giving to someone in need,” said Pastor Langely. “Our members open their hearts honestly and willingly and are always ready to lend a hand or dollar.”

Each year, MMBB gives the Widow’s Mite Award to commemorate the 1981 gift of a Vietnamese refugee woman who, not knowing the full intent of the offering, but understanding the words “thank you” printed on the RMMO offering envelope, slipped off her only possession of value—her wristwatch—and placed it in the envelope. The Widow’s Mite Award, like the act of the poor widow at the temple treasury whom Jesus commended, reflects the spirit of thankfulness and generosity.