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MMBB CEO Louis Barbarin Addresses Concerns About Market Volatility

We know that many of our members have been following the news of the increasing volatility in the financial markets and are concerned with the recent losses sustained by the Dow index.

The equity markets have experienced tremendous volatility since Friday, Feb. 2, as favorable wage growth data in the United States caused investors to reassess the risk of inflation, and most importantly, whether the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates faster than market participants have expected until now.

Although the global equity markets have experienced a decline this month, MMBB is committed to diversification among asset classes in the Balanced Fund, New Horizons Fund, and Annuity Fund. MMBB’s strategy remains steadfast and, as long-term investors, MMBB is well-positioned to weather short-term volatility events.

Corrections are typical during a bull market, such as the one we have experienced over the course of the last year. Since risk management is a cornerstone of MMBB’s long-term investment strategy, as long-term investors, we hope that members likewise realize that ups and downs occur from time to time in the global capital markets. However, we are also appreciative of the fact that some members may be concerned as to whether their MMBB investments are aligned with their own objectives. We encourage any member with such a concern to call one of MMBB’s financial planners to discuss objectives, time horizons and investments—as always, complimentary and included in your MMBB membership. Please call us at 800.986.6222. We are here to serve you.