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Tips to Stretch Your Dollars this Spring

March 11, 2022

Tips to Stretch Your Dollars this Spring

None of us wants to pay full price, especially on “big-ticket” items. With inflation at historic highs, saving money on shopping is even more on the brain. Savvy shoppers know the best time to purchase certain products. With spring upon us, many of us are thinking of sprucing up our homes and gardens.

March and April are the best months to buy items that you’ll use for spring clean-up inside and outside. You’ll find deals on a variety of products for the inside of your home such as vacuum cleaners, space heaters, and air purifiers.

If you cleaned out your closet and are looking for some new winter clothes or just prefer to shop ahead, retailers offer deep discounts on winter apparel as they make room for the spring inventory. And, if you’re planning a vacation, spring is also the time to find a deal on a new set of luggage.

Once the weather starts to warm up, many of us look to the outside of our homes. If your house was drafty this winter, March and April are the best months to purchase replacement windows. Home improvement tools such as pressure washers are also a good buy. You’ll find deals on home and garden tools such as chainsaws to remove those fallen tree limbs, and lawnmowers, tractors, weed wackers and leaf blowers to clean up your yard. As we start thinking about summer barbecues, it’s also a good time to purchase a new grill to avoid price increases during the height of the season. There’s a season for everything, and seasoned shoppers know spring savings are blooming. If you liked this article, you might also enjoy MMBB’s article, “Winter Utility Savings.”


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