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Employers With 15+ Employees

MMBB Financial Services offers affordable, flexible benefits to suit churches and faith-based organizations with 15 or more employees. Let us show you how easy it can be to work with MMBB.

Starting a retirement plan for your organization?

Exploring new providers to administer your existing plan?

Let MMBB Help!

Whether you have 15 or 500 employees, we can help. We understand that your retirement plan needs may be different from organizations the same size as yours, because we know that your ministry is unique.

At MMBB we help you create and administer a retirement plan that works well for you and your employees. Importantly, we’re flexible and we can support you as your organization’s needs grow and change.

As a benefits administrator you make key decisions for your organization. An informed partner, such as MMBB, can help make a few of those decisions related to your retirement benefit plan easier for you. After all, while our business is financial services, we never lose sight of our ministerial responsibilities.

Explore this page and our entire Website to learn about the MMBB difference--- a financial services business and ministry, uniquely serving the church and Christian ministries, with over 100 years of experience. Then, contact us and let us show you how easy it is to create a retirement plan tailored to meet your needs!

Since our founding, we never lost sight of the fact that we don’t just invest money, we invest money for people – people who have different needs and goals, different tolerances for risk and are at different mile markets on their journey to and through retirement. We invest for those who labor to build God’s kingdom so that they may be sustained in their efforts to fulfill their ministry.

That’s why we adhere to the following principles of sound investing for members of your staff. Read more here


At MMBB, we believe that education is key to realizing a successful retirement plan. And it’s why we place so much emphasis on working with your organization to customize an education plan for your staff. Our website is a dynamic source for continuing education through webinars that cover topics like annuity payouts and estate planning just to name a few. Visit our Events page to learn more about MMBB’s upcoming webinars and seminars. Here you can also view video recordings of webinars on a variety of topics.

We meet with all members to explain their benefits and help with enrollment. And that’s only where our education process begins. We will work with you to create a financial education plan for your staff.

Tools for Guidance

We take great pride in having assembled a staff of benefit specialists who are available to your organization – and there to guide, listen, and answer questions for all members. We also offer many instruments on our website that can provide direction for your employees including tools that monitor account performance and a variety of calculators and financial tools.

For those members of your staff who may not be familiar with certain terminology as it relates to investing, we offer a comprehensive dictionary of benefit and investment terms.

We are a financial institution serving the needs of faith-based organizations. From our management team to our benefits consultants, we support your organization with professionals dedicated to serving you. We combine expertise in finance, business and ministry. Many of our staff members, who come out of professional ministry, or are actively involved in their churches, understand what it means to serve.

  • The "Business Development Team":/about-us/our-team/#tab-4 is a territory-based group that specializes in employer retirement benefits.
  • The "Service Team":/about-us/our-team/#tab-5 is a New York-based team with primary responsibility for day-to-day processing of member transactions.
  • The "Financial Planning Team":/about-us/our-team/#tab-6 is a group of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who are highly knowledgeable and well-versed in the financial planning needs of those who work for faith-based organizations.

We work hard to make it easy for you.

  • MMBB takes the administrative burden from you, the employer, at no cost. Our professionals will come in and work with your staff providing educational information to increase participation in this important employee benefits. With one point of contact, we combine plan administration, custodial services, and investment management.
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance are important factors when it comes to financial services providers. With our Compliance Department, we prepare plan documents that meet all legal requirements.

As a non-profit financial services ministry, we don’t have a profit motive. Thanks to a generous endowment, we are able to partially underwrite our costs. This means reduced fees for your employees, and NO FEES FOR YOU, THE EMPLOYER.

  • No fees for start-up, conversion or ongoing administration. No direct fees to employers for ongoing plan maintenance.
  • MMBB does levy fees on the invested assets of plan members, similar to the manner in which mutual fund companies charge fees.

See fee schedule below:

Investment Management Fees
MMBB Administrative Charge
Other Expenses
Total Annual Operating Expenses
Stable Value Fund0.58%0.50%0.13%1.21%
Money Market Fund0.20%0.00%*0.00%*0.20%*
U.S. Bond Fund0.08%0.50%0.14%0.72%
New Horizons Fund0.58%0.50%0.11%1.19%
Balanced Fund0.59%0.50%0.11%1.20%
U.S. Equity Index Fund0.05%0.50%0.10%0.65%
Social Awareness Fund0.75%0.50%0.09%1.34%
U.S. Blended Equity Fund0.77%0.50%0.11%1.37%
Int'l Blended Equity Fund0.82%0.50%0.11%1.43%

* Due to the exceptionally low interest rate environment MMBB has temporarily waived certain expenses associated with the Money Market Fund. Had these expenses not been waived, the total fund expenses would have been 0.82%.

MMBB does not charge any additional fees such as:

  • Sales Charge (Load) on Purchases
  • Deferred Sales Charge (Load)
  • Short-term or Other Redemption Fee
  • Distribution, or 12b-1, Fee
  • Dealer Commission (percent of offering price)
  • Low Balance Account Service Fee

As both a ministry and a financial organization, we understand the importance of retaining and recruiting staff. We can help you evaluate a current plan, or create your first retirement and benefit plan from the ground up. Regardless of your size or need, we can create a plan tailored to be affordable and flexible for you – sensible and reliable for your staff.

No matter the size of your budget, we can offer solutions that meet all of your needs.

  • Need an all-in-one solution that provides retirement contributions plus life and disability benefits? MMBB’s unique Comprehensive Plan provides a simple solution to what is normally a complex problem.
  • Just want to offer a 403(b) retirement plan? We have you covered, and we will help you structure it to meet your needs, whether that includes a matching component, vesting or any other feature that you may require.

Among other advantages, MMBB members benefit from economies of scale. Our $2.6 billion asset base allows us to provide institutional quality pricing and access to products unavailable in the retail market.

Our approach to investing is long-term, disciplined and global. Consistent with MMBB membership often spanning multiple decades, investment portfolios are created with a long-term time horizon and an understanding of the shifting winds of various economic and capital market climates. To date, our investments have weathered the Great Depression, the stock market crash of 1987 and, more recently, the Great Recession.

Strategy for Sound Investing

Rather than presenting our members with a dizzying array of funds, we offer a streamlined menu of nine funds that have been constructed with purpose and precision. Studies show that a large number of investment options does not motivate participants to save. Confronted with too many choices, many people delay their decision to invest. Not knowing how to allocate funds across investment options, people tend not to invest.

For more information on the investment options MMBB offers visit Our Funds.

For members of your staff, the journey to and through retirement begins as soon as you select a partner to implement your retirement plan. And when you select MMBB, we do much more than put your plan into effect. As a financial services ministry, we don’t simply administer the details – we minister to the needs -- the very special needs of employees of faith-based organizations.

We offer the following enhanced benefits to your staff so that they may take full advantage of all that MMBB has to offer.

  • The Housing Allowance Advantage

    MMBB has a long history of assisting churches and faith-based organizations with managing the complex issue of the Clergy Housing Allowance. Our experience and expertise lies in our ability to assist employers with administration and tax reporting of this valuable benefit. We are able to assist you with issues such as determining if employees who are eligible for a housing allowance in their current employment can declare a portion of their retirement income as housing allowance. Read more about the Clergy Housing Allowance here.

  • The MMBB Annuity

    We have designed our annuity to provide unique benefits to your staff that they will enjoy long after they have left you. These benefits include a lifetime annuity designed to provide lifetime income over the employee’s and, in some cases, the employee’s beneficiary’s life. And, as a variable annuity, your retired staff can participate in positive market performance to increase their payments as well as benefit from certain downside protections during adverse market conditions. Specific details may be found in MMBB’s plan documents. Read more here.

  • Financial Planning—A Benefit of Membership

    Financial Planning is a benefit of MMBB membership. As MMBB members, your employees are eligible for personal financial consultations with our staff of experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Our financial planners are not driven by commissions and do not sell products – we provide this service to your employees at no cost as a benefit of membership. Read more here.