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Statement on Market Volatility from MMBB CEO, Louis P. Barbarin, CPA

March 3, 2020 – MMBB members who follow the capital markets may have noticed the increased volatility in the global markets resulting from uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. At this point, there are more unknowns than knowns surrounding the potential impact of the coronavirus, causing the uncertainty in the market that has resulted in market declines.

In assessing this information, members should remember that MMBB is committed to diversification in its offerings as well as among asset classes in the Target Date Funds, Balanced Fund, and the New Horizons Fund. We hope that members also understand that while ups and downs occur from time to time in the global capital markets, MMBB remains committed to its long-term investment objectives. Although the markets rebounded significantly on March 2nd, we can expect to see some volatility continue on the investment horizon in response to shifting information.

However, while MMBB invests with these long-term objectives in mind, we certainly understand that some of our members may have shorter-term goals. Whether your approach is long- or short-term, if you have any concerns, please call to speak with an MMBB CFP® professional to discuss objectives, time horizons and investments for your portfolio.

As always, this service is complimentary and included in your MMBB membership. Please call us at 800.986.6222. We are here to serve you.