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The Next Hundred Years

Organizations that prosper over 100 years succeed because they stay true to their enduring values. So it is with MMBB. Three principles are at the heart of MMBB’s longevity— generosity, justice and passion. Bringing these values to bear in good times and bad has enabled MMBB to secure the future of thousands of churches and church staff.


Without generosity, MMBB would not exist. The generosity of wealthy men like Milo C. Treat and John D. Rockefeller is well known. But many with far fewer resources also contributed generously. For example, Henry L. Morehouse offered to contribute $10,000 of his own money—a very large portion of his savings—to see that MMBB met Treat’s Christmas Day challenge.

MMBB’s $150 million endowment allows us to keep that spirit of generosity alive today. Last year MMBB provided support to nearly 2,500 people. This included emergency assistance for those hard-hit by the recession and help with medical costs.

As MMBB’s growth strategy takes hold and our membership expands, our need to show generosity will also grow. The endowment—that unique resource created by our founders and nurtured by our Investment Committee—gives us the ability to continue to share generously.

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