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Our Better Maintenance of the Ministry

Compensation Advocacy

Throughout its history, MMBB advocated to improve the compensation for ordained and lay church staff in order to improve the quality of life and long-term security of church workers and their families.

  • In 1951 the Board began advocating for churches to establish a separate budget to cover professional expenses rather then expecting the pastor to pay these costs out-of-pocket.
  • In 1956 MMBB proposed a minimum salary. To encourage member churches to meet the minimum level of compensation, MMBB offered a salary support program to temporarily supplement what the church could pay. When the supplement ended, the church was expected to pay the full premium.
  • Social Security created an interesting dilemma. Did participation in Social Security by ministers violate the separation of church and state at the center of Baptist belief? By the 1950s, MMBB had decided that it did not and initiated a two-pronged campaign to bring members into the program. In conjunction with the Church Alliance, MMBB educated the federal government on the need to extend Social Security benefits to clergy. Once this effort succeeded, MMBB worked with ordained members to participate and with church employers to contribute to Social Security taxes.

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