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Gifts & Bequests – Heritage of Sharing

Our annual appeal, Heritage of Sharing, encourages those that have been blessed to give so that others might be helped.

The Ministers and Missionaries Benefits Board (MMBB Financial Services) was born over 100 years ago out of a collective vision to improve the lives of ministers, missionaries, and their families. That vision is still alive today. While MMBB provides retirement, death, disability, and other benefits for clergy, missionaries, and lay employees of churches and related organizations, our ministry calls us to see that none of those who serve God suffer.

MMBB provides grants for living expenses to retired annuitants with little income, emergency assistance to help those currently in ministry with overwhelming debt or medical emergencies, education grants for children of deceased or disabled members, and premium assistance to help churches provide their pastors retirement, disability and life insurance benefits.

How Your Gift Helps

You can make sure that this tradition continues by donating to MMBB. Our annual appeal, Heritage of Sharing, encourages those that have been blessed to give so that others might be helped. Roger Fredrikson, former Chair of the Heritage of Sharing Committee said, “I know you have a choice about how to share your financial resources and I hope you will agree that no other appeal comes as close to our hearts as being able to help clergy, missionaries and lay staff in their time of need.”

Your gift extends a lifeline that often keeps a colleague from the brink of despair. As one of our board members said, “Our generous support provides blessings beyond the spiritual to the physical.” Please give generously today.

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Ways to Give

There are several ways by which you can make gifts to MMBB.

  1. You can make a monetary donation to Heritage of Sharing (our annual appeal).
    • By check: Checks may be made payable to Heritage of Sharing and mailed to:
      475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1700
      New York, NY 10115
    • By credit card:
    • Gifts of Securities: Please contact Rev. Dr. Sara E. Day at or call 1.800.986.6222 ext. 8003. to make a gift of securities.
  2. Consider making a memorial gift to honor a friend or loved one.
  3. Include MMBB in your will.
  4. Name MMBB as the beneficiary of a retirement/IRA account.
  5. Name MMBB as the beneficiary of a fully funded life insurance policy.

2016 Heritage of Sharing Volunteers

Mr. Louis P. Barbarin****
Rev. Dr. James A. Braker
Rev. Dr. W. Wayne Brown
Rev. Dr. Lee W. Carlson
Rev. Lacey K. Curry
Rev. Jon A. Dainty, Sr.
Rev. George E. Daniels
Rev. Gordon W. Danielson

Rev. Dr. Sara E. Day ***
Rev. Donald R. Forden
Rev. Dr. Roger L. Fredrikson
Rev. David S. Gattey
Rev. Walter G. Griffith
Rev. D. Richard Hepler
Dr. Evelyn Hillman
Rev. Daniel W. Holland
Ms. Nancy K. Johnson

Rev. William G. Noyes
Rev. Hazel V. Oldham
Rev. James T. Oldham
Rev. Dr. Edwin J. Simon
Rev. Dr. John A. Sundquist **
Rev. Darla D. Turlington*
Rev. Carol E. Visser
Rev. Dr. Richard E. Visser
Rev. Dr. Keith H. Wimmersberger

* Chair
** Founding Coordinator
*** Director
****Chief Executive Officer